Reyno Levee reopens on Dave Donaldson Black River WMA

POCAHONTAS, Ar (AGFC) - The Reyno Levee within Dave Donaldson Black River Wildlife Management Area has reopened for public access. The levee will remain open through Oct. 31 - as long as weather related conditions allow vehicular travel without causing damage to the levee top surface.

The levee may be closed periodically during the summer months due to rainfall events over the local area. Caution should be used when travelling along the levee due to elevated levels of the Black River and subsequent overbank flooded conditions of the compartments adjacent to the levee. Water levels in the compartments are expected to fall as the Black River recedes within its banks over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The Little River Dam Road within Dave Donaldson-Black River WMA will remain closed to vehicular traffic as sustained overbank flooding of the Black River is limiting all access to the Little River Island. The road will open for vehicular travel as soon as Little River levels permit safe public access and may be limited due to ongoing maintenance and repair operations to the road surface. River levels are expected to drop within the next 2 weeks to allow area staff to restore public access to the vicinity.