Greene County Sheriff's Department seeing more one pot meth

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Paragould, AR (KAIT) "This new one pot, or one step method has increased the availability to make or manufacture crystal methamphetamine with a lesser effort," said Sheriff Dan Langston.

The effort by the Greene County Sheriff's Department  to catch those making, selling, and using meth are as steadfast as ever, says Sheriff Dan Langston.

"We're trying to nip it as quickly as possible,"said Langston.

"We've just been seeing more people that wouldn't manufacture before because it was harder for them to get everything together.   Now, it's easier for them.  They can just put everything in one small bag and go from place to place," said Greene County Sheriff's Department Investigator, Captain Patrick Lenderman.

The ease to make and dispose of is part of the reason Lenderman says he believes they're seeing more one pot methods, and making more arrests.

"We're only six away from what we made last year," said Lenderman.

Captain Lenderman says last year,  the sheriff's department made 55 meth-related arrests.  Of those 55, 25 were meth lab-related.   Already this year, he says they've made 49 meth-related arrests, 20 of those were meth lab-related.

Both Sheriff Langston and Captain Lenderman say they're taking a proactive approach by educating all the deputies about what to look for if they suspect drug dealers or users.

"It's observation perception.   We try to school our new deputies and deputies on the newest methods of making or producing crystal methamphetamine, or other drug activity," said Langston.

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