Wynne drainage problem being fixed

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Wynne, AR (KAIT) -  A drainage problem has led to minor flooding starting on Block Street extending to Cleveland and Front Streets in Wynne.

Jerry Brewster, Director of Public Works for the city said it's never been very bad.

"It wasn't a major major flooding problem," he said. "Water just didn't have any place to go so it just stood. It never tried to get in anybody's house that I'm aware of."

On the other hand he said this is nothing new.

Brewster said, "I've been out here for 25 years and it's been here probably longer than I have."

Now he has started an action plan to resolve the problem.

"I had to hire an engineer to draw me up some plans on it and we're laying about 1500 foot of pipe."

Brewster also said they are digging some ditches so the water can drain off yards and streets. But, the cost of this project is not cheap.

"It's going to be close to 30,000 dollars when I get through. We don't have a per se tax in this town. I have a budget that I go by every year and I try to spend the money wisely."

Brewster hopes the project will be completed within two weeks, weather permitting.

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