More meth busts by Greene County Sheriff's Department

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- Greene County Sheriff's Deputies say it was call from a concerned citizen about a strong chemical odor in the air off of county road 518.

"Basically, it just kind of caught him off guard.  He was trying to look around the area to see if he could see anything," said Shanon Anthony.

Chief Deputy for the Greene County Sheriff's Department, Shanon Anthony, said the man noticed an camper sitting back in the woods.   That's when Anthony and Captain Patrick Lenderman began to investigate.

"We went up to try to see if we could try to get the occupant to the door--there was nobody that would come to the door," said Lenderman.

Lenderman says there were no tags on the r-v so he ran the V-I-N number. Turns out, he says, the r-v was stolen out of Baxter County.  Lenderman says Loie Fraine, Jr.,  had been staying in the r-v.

"I asked him if there was a meth lab in the camper and he said yes there probably is.  So at that time, we went and did a felony probation search on the camper," said Lenderman.

Inside the stolen r-v, authorities say they found a shake and bake meth lab and all the components that go along with it.  Police say they're charging the r-v's occupant, Loie Fraine, Jr., with criminal attempt to manufacture meth, and theft by receiving on the motor home.  Monday's arrests is  the Greene County Sheriff's Department's 52nd meth related arrest this year.  Department officials say tips from the public, like they got Monday night, can help them clean up the streets.

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