McNair's death ignites more infidelity discussions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The shocking death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and infidelity among sports stars is the main topic of discussion among families of professional athletes.

McNair had been married 12 years before he was shot on July 4 at his Nashville condo by his 20-year-old girlfriend who then turned the gun on herself.

One question that comes up is will any of the athletes learn from the tragedy.

Dr. Sherry Blake, a clinical psychologist, called McNair's death "a wake up call" for players, but she expects most eventually will forget about the murder-suicide and return to their old habits.

One way to possibly get athletes to heed the warnings of experts is for the advice to come from their peers.

Chris Sanders, who played with McNair, says he should have been more involved in the personal life of his 1-time teammate.

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