Hot weather doesn't have to mean a lack of fishing

LITTLE ROCK, Ar (AGFC) - Hot weather fishing, after anglers get past the inaccurate viewpoint of "fish don't bite when it's this hot," can be much more productive if they keep a few basics in mind.

Fishermen at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said, yes, it's hot a little ahead of schedule this year, and it's uncomfortable out there in the middle of the day or really, from mid-morning until dark. That still leaves two-thirds of the day and night for fishing, although few fishermen want to be on a lake or river in the really late hours.

So one basic to keep in mind is fish are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they adjust their activities in part according to body temperatures, which are closely tied to the water temperatures, In cold water, fish slow down their movements. They speed up in normal or warm water, but in hot water, fish tend to be lethargic.

They are less likely to dash for a bait. But they still eat, and they still will hit a bait or lure. They just do it somewhat in slow motion.

For the fisherman, this means try a technique of slowly working the lure. Slow down a spinner bait until the blades barely turn. Don't zip that topwater across the surface, but work it slowly with pauses between movements. Retrieve a crank bait just enough so it maintains the depth you want.

One tactic that has been around for years is to try scent concoctions on your baits in hot weather. Give 'em a good dose of Fish Formula or whatever you choose, and this little added touch may be enough to get a sluggish fish into action instead of just looking at the nearby offering you dangle before it.

Work in the shade, too. This is where the fish will probably be. They don't like bright, hot sun any more than you do.