Offbeat: Bovine-Equine Friendship

By Bob Snell - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It seems as though a steer and a pony have struck up rather odd fridenship, and Jonesboro drivers are taking notice.

Hank Hall drives Aggie Road in Jonesboro several times every day and over the years on that ride by the Arkansas State University agri farm, Hank couldn't help but notice the out of the ordinary frienship.

"They're something," said Hall. "I talked to my wife about it and I said there's something odd going on, there's a red bull and little pony. "

The red steer is named barry and the little pony goes by Tiger and they've been a part of the Bill and Alice Nix petting zoo on the ASU farm since early 2007, and since that time, they've been darn near inseperable.

"They was just penned together and they grew up knowing each other," said Michael Johnson, director of farms at ASU. "They just grew up grazing grass and living together. They just been buddied up together, they eat together, and they lay around together."

"I tried to figure out the reason it would be and finaly it dawned on me, they just like to be around each other," said Hall.

"They just seem like they just get along real well," added Johnson. "If one's not in the pasture, the other one wants to know why."

It seems as though Johnson and Hall aren't the only two that have noticed this odd friendship.

"It's amazing the amount of people that comes through here and they comment on the animals, seeing them lay together and play together," said Johnson. "When one of them's not out, I've gotten calls from them asking where's the red steer or where's the little pony."

You can get up close and personal with Barry and Tiger, whever ASU offers it's petting zoo.  Just check on the site below for upcoming dates.

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