420 pounds of pot lands in Walnut Ridge

by Stan Morris email | twitter

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - A plane police say was loaded with $420,000 worth of marijuana landed in Walnut Ridge Airport to refuel, but will not have the chance to take off.

Walnut Ridge Police Chief Leslie Gates tells Region 8 News that he received an anonymous tip early Monday afternoon that a Cessna plane with suspicious pilots had landed at the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport. Gates says he called Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith to meet him at the plane.

The twin-towns' police chiefs met the suspects at the airport, who both describe as acting suspicious. They each say that the suspects gave consent to search the plane.

Upon search, Chiefs Gates and Smith found about 420 pounds of marijuana packed in bricks that were loaded in duffel bags, suitcases and the like. At $1,000 a pound estimated street value, that puts the total bust at an estimated $420,000. Detectives say that figure could be higher if the marijuana is found to have been chemically treated.

Two suspects, both 36-years-old, are under arrest facing numerous state charges. Chief Smith says they could be facing federal charges as well.

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