Huckabee Tells Educators to Put Children Ahead of Jobs

January 8, 2003
Posted at: 2:15 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Governor Huckabee says he and legislators must be willing to lay their political ambitions aside if they are to create a public education system that meets court standards.

Huckabee also told school administrators in a speech in Little Rock Wednesday that they also must put children ahead of job security to make the new system work.

The state Supreme Court has declared Arkansas' school funding system unfair and inadequate. The high court has given the state until next January first to remedy the problems.

Huckabee says the remedy will mean a total restructuring of the current system, with the state taking over much of the control that local districts have had. Huckabee won't present his plan in detail until next week.

But, he put school administrators on notice today that restructuring could mean fewer than the current 310 school districts.

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