Ark. wineries coping well with nation's recession

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Arkansas wineries are holding their own during the recession, in part because they're not aiming at the high end of the market. The Wall Street Journal reports sales of wine in the luxury category -- bottles costing $25 and more - are down big-time, but none of the Arkansas wineries sells wines in that range.

At the Post Familie Winery in Altus, vice president of sales Joseph Post says sales have held up well. He said Post would like to be able to sell in the luxury market, but "you're better off being a little more humble."

Dennis Wiederkehr, national sales manager for Wiederkehr Wine Cellars at Altus, says that company's products also are priced below the luxury range. He said sales have been flat for the most part, though some items have done better than others.

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