Toxic Molds Hit Region 8 Homes

January 9, 2003
Posted at: 9:04 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- While mold growing on a home can cause significant damage to property and eat up your wallet, it can also attack your immune system causing serious health problems.

It's a nightmare no homeowner wants to have: Mold. It has grown on one Jonesboro house built out of Dryvite, a type of synthetic stucko. At the owner's request, we will not disclose its location. According to Dan Melton, who inspects homes in Jonesboro, many homes that are made with Dryvite have a high chance of producing mold because the foam that's used for insulation will continue to hold water once it gets wet.

"It depends on the technique application, the way it was applied in the first place," Melton said.  "Being aware that Dryvite or East Siding is present, we recognized the problem real quick."

Metlon doesn't know how this mold began to grow, just that once it starts it does not stop.

"It takes on a life of it's own once this situation sets up with the moisture then it will actually spread and go throughtout the wall into the home."

Upon inspection, the mold looks bad and obvious signs of rotting can be seen. The owners were lucky in this case. They were able to catch this before it spread inside their home. They are now trying to get rid of the mold by stripping the stucko and replacing the walls with brick, a proceedure that is expected to be very expensive.

Melton says mold can grow on any home, not just stucko houses. He says some preventative measures homeowners can take to do routine maintainence on your house, making sure there are no cracks. If some exist, make sure they're sealed. Melton also says if you start seeing a discoloration on the exterior or interior of your home, you definitely need to have an inspector take a look at it.