Drug busts in Greene County already exceed last year's total

By Lauren Payne - bio | email

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -  Greene County Sheriff's Deputies uncover more than 6 ounces of methamphetamine in the ice form.

"This is the most ice I personally have ever seen," said Lt. Bruce Drope.

Drope is a criminal investigator with the Greene County Sheriff's Department.

Officers say it's worth at least 17-thousand dollars.

"They could probably double that amount on the street.   So, that's a very large amount that won't be on the streets of Greene County," said Greene County Sheriff's Department Investigator, Captain Patrick Lenderman.

The bust happened Thursday afternoon at 407 Madonna in Paragould.  Deputies arrested two men, Danny Eugene Lamb and Shawn Allen Williams.  Investigators say they found the drugs inside a car Williams was driving.  Now those drugs inside the car are off the streets, which Captain Patrick Lenderman says is their main goal.  Already this year, they've exceeded the number of meth busts than they made all of last year.

The shake and bake has kind of picked up and made it easier for everyone to have, but we've been seeing more of the Mexican ice infiltrating from surrounding areas," said Lenderman.

Lenderman says with  more drugs coming into the county, and a workforce staying the same in size, fighting the war on drugs is a challenge....

"We do the best that we can with the officers that we have and we're definitely not going to give up," said Lenderman.

With tips from the public, and the increased number of busts already this year, Lenderman says he hopes their department is sending a clear message to drug users and dealers.....

"We're going to be doing everything we can to get them off the street and get the drugs off the street," said Lenderman.

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