Offbeat: Boat Races

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GREENE, CO., AR (KAIT) - Creativity and team work often go hand in hand, a lesson learned first hand by kids from Children's Homes in Paragould.  The group took to the pool in a cardboard boat building competition, the culmination of a summer team building excersize.

"That's our theme throughout the school year," said house parent, Gary Money. "This summer we wanted to do something fun, but along that same team building concept, working together as a team and communicating with one another."

Each group was given one piece of cardboard, lots of glue, and an instruction manual. Each team was given only 1 day week to work on it, 7 days total.

"it worked pretty good, as long as we followed the rules," said the leader of the Titanic Two team. 'It really worked best when we followed the rules exactly."

"We try to give them oportunities for success and teach them, if you put your mind to things you can succeed," said Money.

In the final heat, "The Boat That Floats" beat out "Titanic Two" when "Two" went down after taking on water, but there were no ice bergs.

"I think the project was a very good success," said Money. "The way the boats performed and I think the kids had a good time. One of the things I teach the kids is, we want to plan for success, not plan for failure."

Since 1955, Paragould Children's Homes have provided loving Christian homes for children whose parents cannot care for them.

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