Hoxie Schools Getting Security Cameras

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Security surveillance cameras are part of our everyday lives, from shopping malls to banks... Even schools.

The Hoxie School District will soon be installing its own state of the art camera system.

It does seem that anywhere you go today you are being watched on a security camera.

They monitor traffic, watch our babies sleep and keep kids safe in our schools.

The Hoxie is putting their stimulus money to work installing a state of the art surveillance system.

It is pretty amazing...

Superintendent Dennis Truxler and I stood out in the hallway of the middle school watching the cameras being demonstrated.

Truxler, "When you talk about security cameras. One of the things we're looking at is, not that we have a lot of discipline problems but we're gonna decrease those discipline problems. "

Administration would be able to record both audio and video of all 172 cameras simultaneously

Today was kind of a sampler day as technicians from Stanley Security Solutions met with school officials to show the capabilities of the security cameras in the classroom, hallways and outside.

Superintendent Truxler says using the cameras as a deterrent will also help in learning.

"The cameras will allow the teachers to teach in the classroom without having a lot of disruptions and discipline problems then you're going to see education increase and student achievement increase. "

The 400 thousand dollar system is being paid for by stimulus money and since this is an internet protocol system there will be few additional costs.  Kendall Crawford from Stanley said the system will use in place wiring and current servers.

"Reduced cabling costs, no additional cabling will have to be installed so the existing load bearing cabling that is already being installed can be used. "

There's going to be around 180 cameras but they want you to understand that they are not going to be in private places like locker rooms and rest rooms. They are going to be in hallways, classrooms and outside keeping your kids safe.

I asked Superintendent Truxler if the kids will think of the cameras as an invasion of privacy.

"I think it may bother them initially and I think some will think it's an invasion of privacy but it's a public classroom and there are no privacy issues in a classroom. "

With the capabilities of this system should an incident happen on campus with an outsider for example say a kidnapping on campus with a camera rolling on the car and plate information.

Crawford, "They'll be able to go in and very quickly pull off a video clip of the incident. That clip can be e-mailed, transmitted to law enforcement or anybody else electronically. "

So instead of notes being sent home, parents you could get an e-mail of an incident involving your child.

But on the other hand, if you are out of school your lessons that you miss could be sent to you via e-mail or DVD..a lot of possibilities here.

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