Jonesboro's E-911 Center doing online training

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR  (KAIT) -- "When we walk in this door, my main goal is that all of the officers on the street and the firefighters out there get home safe and sound," said Jonesboro dispatcher, Charles Jones.

To reach that goal, Charles Jones says the learning process at the E-911 Center in Jonesboro never stops,  and now, much of that training is just a mouse click away.

"The simple fact of what we do in dispatch, we have to be very comfortable with computers.   We have to be fluid with that interaction.   Learning on computers and "e" learning is actually probably a little bit better for most dispatchers," said Jones.

In the past, dispatchers would have to travel to Little Rock, for example, to get that training.  Now, the dispatchers will be able to do the majority of their training at a computer in the E-911 Center.

"Level one, we can do all of the testing here.   We can do it in one day.   We can do the background, do the level one testing, and have them certified in one day," said E-911 director, Jeff Presley.

Presley calls it a boost in training.  They still get all of their state and federal certifications, and even additional training, but this way it's costing the city and ultimately the taxpayers less.

"With the economy like it is, if you can save money on this training it's a great thing, and keep our certifications up to date, it's a wonderful thing," said Presley.

"Our department is continuously doing training.   This is not a job that you get to a certain point and stop,"said Jones.

Jones says the programs they train on now are constantly being added onto and getting better.  Having those programs constantly updated and now at their fingertips--Charles Jones says will only make he, and the other dispatchers, even better.

"Anytime we can get additional training like this, without having to leave our stations uncovered, that helps protect our officers, our firefighters, our EMT's and most importantly, our citizens," said Jones.

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