Holston AAP announces 2009 deer hunts

MORRISTOWN, Tn (TWRA) - Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HSAAP) is now accepting applications for five white-tailed deer hunts to be held on the installation during the upcoming 2009 hunting season. Hunters who apply for the 2009 HSAAP hunts should be aware that there have been several changes made to the installation's hunting program in the past two years.   One significant change is that all hunters who hunt on the plant, regardless of their age, are required to show proof of completion of a hunter safety course before being allowed to hunt. In addition, all hunters who are selected for one of the installation's hunts will be required to obtain a background check from their local police department and provide a copy of their background check with their application.

If selected in 2009, hunters will be drawn for a two day hunt, rather than a one day hunt which has been traditional for the installation. HSAAP will also continue the "earn a buck" program but has modified the program since last year. Hunters who are drawn for any of the two-day either-sex hunts will be required to harvest a mature doe before being allowed to harvest a buck.Once a hunter has harvested a mature doe, they will be issued a buck permit and will be allowed to hunt a buck during the remaining time of the two days for which they are drawn. As usual for HSAAP, only bucks having at least 8 points may legally be harvested by the hunters who are issued a buck permit.   Hunts for 2009 are: ·

Archery - Sept. 26-27 (hunter quota 70), Oct. 3-4 (hunter quota 70); ·

Muzzleloader - Nov. 7-8 (hunter quota 45),

Archery - Nov. 7-8 (hunter quota 10); ·

Shotgun/Muzzleloader - Dec. 21-22 (hunter quota 45)

Archery - Dec. 21-22 (hunter quota 10). ·

Young Sportsman (ages 13-16)

Shotgun/Muzzleloader - Oct. 31-Nov. 1 (hunter quota  45)

Archery - Oct. 31-Nov. 1 (hunter quota 15);

A portion of the area is archery-only so a limited number of hunters will be drawn during each hunt for archery-only.

Applicants should remember that deer taken at HSAAP count toward the Unit B bag limit. Hunters, who are drawn and have filled their Unit B bag limit prior to the hunt, will not be allowed to participate in the hunt.

Individuals interested in obtaining an application for this year's hunts may call the HSAAP hunting and fishing information line at (423) 578-6291 for recorded information on where applications may be picked up in the tri-cities area or online at www.tnwildlife.org .

Individuals may also request an application by mail by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address: Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Attn: Deer Hunt Information, 4509 West Stone Drive, Kingsport, TN37660. All applications must be received by Aug. 19, 2009 to be considered for this year's hunts.