Rising above the recession

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro is one of many cities in Region 8 that is rejecting the recession.  There has been some job loss, but at the same time there are other companies that are hiring.  In addition to companies currently hiring there are also companies that will hire in the near future.

All of us are seeing the impact of the recession, but there are things our cities are doing to try to make that impact smaller town.  Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said he believes the city is faring well.

"Jonesboro is a unique city in that it has so much diversification particularly in its industrial base," said Perrin.

There are several large industries in the city.  In the past several months a couple have announced big layoff's in the past year including Hytrol and Wolverine, but at the same time the city is getting ready to add jobs.  Ground has been broken for the Nordex plant which is expected to employ about 700 people.

There are many companies that employ hundreds of workers, and not all of the employees are residents of Jonesboro.

"Jonesboro is pulling its labor force from several moles from the Jonesboro city limits," said Perrin.

Mayor Perrin said it takes a team to accomplish what Jonesboro has.

"All of us work together on economic development so once we get someone involved about coming to Jonesboro we can sit down at the table with them and explain exactly what we can do for them," said Perrin.

He said part of the reason Jonesboro is able to reject the recession is all the services the city can provide.

"Some of those people have come to the doctor here they're going to go out and eat they're going to go to shop so for retail you've got to have all of those elements," said Perrin.

When you are faced with a situation where the economy is faltering Perrin said you do have to take steps to protect your business, and in his case, his business is the city.

"Have we made some cuts in our budget?  Yes.  Has that affected the services we give to the citizens? No," said Perrin.

he believes other people are also "adjusting" their budgets to stay ahead of the game.

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