More Cash for Clunkers

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Less than a week after it started, the white house has put the brakes on the "cash for clunkers" program.

But the house says "Keep on Rolling"

At best the one billion dollars could only have funded a little over 250 thousand cars or about 12 per dealer in the country.

Considering the overall yearly sales runs to a little over 7 million cars the program was kind of set up to expire quickly.

I visited a local car dealership today and judging by the empty spaces on the lot, the program must be working.

"I thought about a truck one time and thought about the Charger or the Chrysler 300 but really not for certain so I just wanted to look around and see what I like."

Raysean Jawan is looking to trade in his 2001 Dodge Intrepid, it's got around 130 thousand miles on it.

There are lots of empty spaces on the front lot at Fletcher Dodge, and in the back sit the clunkers, rusted, dirty, well some of them. There were a couple that looked as if they could keep going for a long time yet instead of winding up parted out or crushed.

Fletcher Dodge general manager Jon Moore showed me the clunker part of the lot.

We paused beside an older model Jeep Cherokee with "Clunker" written all over the windows.

"This one runs and drives great, air is cold, it's got great tires on it. We're seeing cars like this and some a little bit worse. (and some a little bit better) and some a little bit nicer, yes sir. "

Moore said even with the possible lack of federal money today, their parent company is behind them.

"Chrysler motors supporting us tremendously. What they have done is they have come out and said yes, 100% we can go ahead with the Cash For Clunkers program. "

I asked Raysean if he was going to take advantage of the program.

"I don't even know too much about it."

So I explained it to him.

Then he and his family went to check out the lot.

At least for Fletcher Dodge the program seems to be working the way it's supposed to.

Jon Moore, "I've had more customers come in the lot this particular week than we've had in any week since I've been here in five years, I mean it's amazing. "

With the new funding and looking at the present rate of demand it should cover around 700 thousand or more cars.

Jon Moore says his guys are making sure they get their share.

"We're gonna put as many on the road and be as aggressive as we can during these times. "

Even with the approval of the extra two-billion dollars, as fast as the first went if you are thinking of buying a car you might want to get to your dealer soon.

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