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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - "Going around town and filling out job applications is not getting me anywhere," said Munroe.

21-year-old Samantha Munroe is taking her search for a job to the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library.....not to get a job, but to look for one.

"I've got to get something done.   I'm 21 years old, and going nowhere fast," said Munroe.

She says this is the first time she's used the library to search for a job. She calls it a one-stop shop, with Internet service to fill out online applications and tips for not only help perfecting her resume, but help getting started.

"Mine is just my basic information, I don't know what to do with it," said Munroe.

"We've done almost 50 resumes since we started the program in April.   Within the last month we've done at least 18 resumes," said Melanie Moore.

Melanie Moore works in information services at the library.  She says the response to the resume review program has been overwhelmingly popular.

"You send in your resume or drop it off.  Within 2 to 3 business days we send it back to you with the suggested corrections.   Basically, it's just formatting or spelling errors or just how to word things correctly on your resume," said Moore.

She says the library started reviewing resumes back in April, and perhaps the announcement of new jobs to Jonesboro is part of the reason for the recent spike in the number of resume review requests.

"If you don't have the right resume and you have 150 people applying for the job then they're just going to throw it in the trash," said Moore.

For Samantha Munroe, she says she knows the importance of a job ready resume.  She says she's hoping the library is a good place to start building it.

"It's going to be what people see as to whether or not they want to hire me.   They're not going to be looking at my face.   They're going to be looking at  this piece of paper and deciding whether or not I'm worthy of working for them," said Munroe.

Here is the address to send your resume in for review....

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