Trash talk getting a lot of attention

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -  The discussion of whether the City of Jonesboro should privatize sanitation didn't lack participants or opinions at Tuesday night's Public Works meeting.

"There are too many issues at stake, there's too many open ended questions in my opinion that haven't been answered," said Sanitation Superintendent, Royce Leonard.

Leonard says some of those unanswered questions include what level of service would residents receive and what's the fate of the sanitation workers if trash pick-up is out sourced?

"This needs to be taken to the citizens of Jonesboro so they know exactly what kind of trash collection they can expect," said Leonard.

"The reason for this discussion was to find ways to save money.   Typically it's not uncommon in municipalities the size of Jonesboro that private companies can do it cheaper," said Glen Eaton.

Glen Eaton is the President and CEO of Delta Environmental--the company making the pitch to the Public Works committee as well as those curious and concerned about what a move to private sanitation would mean.

"Every business for profit has to be competitive.   You stay in business by not losing money.   You can not stay in business continuing to lose money, and so the City of Jonesboro has to have the political will to either fix it themselves or source it out to someone that will," said Eaton.

The discussion of the trash service is far from over.  In fact, Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says, a committee will be formed as early as Wednesday to help make a list of questions that need to be answered by companies wanting to submit proposals to the city.

"So that we not only look at dollars and cents, but we also look at customer service to the community," said Perrin.

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