Veterans Honoring Veterans

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -  8 veterans living at the Craighead Nursing Center were surprised and honored for their service.

"It makes me feel good because it makes me feel like I did my part in the war, and in the country," said one veteran.

The veterans got a visit from members of Pickett Post 21 of the American Legion in Jonesboro. Their goal was to get more members, but it's a membership drive with a twist.

"We are going to sponsor every veteran in Craighead County for their membership into the American Legion.   We will do that at our cost," said American Legion Commander, Phil Clairday.

It's called project remembrance. Clairday says once all of the veterans in nursing centers in Craighead County are signed up, they'll do the same thing in surrounding areas.

"This is our way of showing our respect and honor to those veterans who did what they did to serve our country," said Clairday.

Activities director at the center, Elizabeth Hurley, says these veterans will take away a lot more than just an afternoon reminiscing with friends.

"We feel it's very important for the residents to receive their due acknowledgment and honor.   It creates a sense of self worth, self esteem for them," said Hurley.

For more information about how you can help sponsor a veteran, contact Phil Clairday at 870-919-7839 or

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