Water woes for soybean farmers in Region 8

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While some farmers in America face near-drought conditions, farmers here in Region 8 have had rain to spare.

A lot of rain to spare!

All that water has had a severe impact on the soybean crop.

If you had to sum up Region 8's soybean crop in one word, that word would probably not surprise you.

"So far this year it's wet. We've had a lot of wet conditions starting early and continuing late."

Jeremy Ross is a soybean agronomist for the University of Arkansas Extension Service.

He led Friday's presentation for the U of A soybean field day .

More than a hundred farmers attended as specialists made presentations on varieties and related topics.

Ross says weather is playing havoc with the soybean crop.

"You know if we continue to stay in this wet pattern disease is going to start become a problem. We are starting to pick up several different types of insects in the soybeans that needed to be treated in certain areas right now."

Scott Matthews hosted the event. Matthews has two farms, one north of Weiner the other south of Waldenburg. The distance between the 2, twelve miles. In the rain gauge, 17 inches.

"The North one, probably about 30 inches since the last part of April. The South one, 47 in that same time."

To show you the startling differences between the two farms. At the North farm the beans are almost up to my hips. At the South they are barely came up to my ankles and there are big puddles of standing water everywhere you look.

Ross says what the beans don't need is for the rains to suddenly stop and temperatures soar.

Economically speaking, let it rain.

Ross, "It might not be a bad idea if we can continue to get these rains for the rest of the season to finish out the crop might be the best thing."

Matthews says he's had enough hard rains, he says his South farm never really had a chance this year.

And what does that mean for harvest time, whenever it gets here?

Matthews, "On that farm I don't know that it's going to push harvest back any farther back cause I'm not sure we're gonna have much to harvest. My harvest may actually be quicker this year though."

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