Kennett Asthma Grant

Jonesboro (KAIT)-- One Region 8 School is helping their students breathe a little easier.

The Kennett School District, along with Kennett Pediatrics, and the Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center, were recognized for their efforts in furthering knowledge and outreach of asthma awareness.

"They have taken asthma seriously," Dr. Ben Francisco says, "and are in a much better position to provide the care that's needed."

Dr. Francisco, Director of the Asthma Ready Communities Organization, says that to be considered 'Asthma Ready' there are certain criteria that must be administered in the health agency.  The health officials, whether school or medical facility, must not only learn more about asthma care, but must also have the proper resources and communication with health coordinators.  These three agencies did just that.

"All of us worked together," Deborah Cook states, "as a community, as a medical community, as a school, and met together to discuss how we can improve the kids."

Cook was very concerned when she learned that Dunklin County was number one in numbers of hospital pediatrics admissions for asthma.  That was when she decided something needed to be done.  After educating her staff about asthma, they in turn worked together to help their students.  Once students began to improve, they moved on to educate the families of the students.  Their next step is to educate the community.  Cook hopes to create PSAs to aid in getting the information out.

The grant Kennett School District received was five hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars that will go toward further purchasing more resources for education.

Rebecca Lane