Looking for bargains during back-to-school shopping

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -  At Abilities Unlimited in Downtown Jonesboro, retail store manager Sandy McQuay says now, when times are tough....

"If you have more than one child and you're strapped--it's just easier to come here," said McQuay.

McQuay says they're seeing record setting sales numbers this summer.  Lately, she says, they're seeing more parents with kids in tow, looking for back-to-school bargains.

"They just tell us we're really having a hard time.   We have three children and we're having a hard time buying clothes," said McQuay.

"With the price of clothes increasing, it makes it tougher every year," said Greenham.

Major Craig Greenham of the Salvation Army says the back-to-school season is always one of their busiest. Now, with people pinching pennies more than ever, Greenham says he expects to see more people shop their aisles.

"The closer it gets to school, the more it gets on people's mind that hey I need to get my kids some clothes and the different things they need to go back to school," said Greenham.

For Sandy McQuay, she says more and more of those back-to-school bargain hunters are ending up here...desperate to stretch their dollars.

"I think as long as the economy is suffering and people are really tight with their money, I think they'll come to us to find a good deal on what they need," said McQuay.

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