Former teacher's licensed permanently revoked

Jonesboro (KAIT)-  One Region 8 teacher will never teach again.

The State Educational Board has decided to permanently revoke the teaching license of former Brookland teacher, Stephen Vaughn.

The former band teacher is now serving an eleven year prison sentence for his 2007 assault of Brookland superintendent Kevin McGaughey.

Vaughn, dressed in a Santa Claus costume, entered the McGaughey home carrying a box wrapped as a Christmas present.  He pointed a handgun at Kevin McGaughey, his wife, and son, and ordered them to get onto the floor. After a struggle with Vaughn, McGaughey was able to get the gun.

The "Christmas present" Vaughn was carrying turned out to hold a container of gasoline and a cigarette lighter.

Vaughn was charged with first-degree battery and aggravated residential burglary.