World wide support continues for the West Memphis 3

By Keith Boles - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Another day in court for two of the West Memphis Three.

But much of the action took place "outside."

There is a very large and from what I understand growing movement in support for the convicted West Memphis Three.

On Wednesday I spoke with a group out of Little Rock and a gentlemen from down under who says the support there is growing.

Surrounded by media, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelly arrived at the Craighead County Courthouse Annex for another day of their Rule 37 hearing.

On the stand Wednesday was Dr. Richard Souviron a forensic dental expert.

One of the things that impresses about the hearings is the amount of support for the convicted men.

Jason Baldwin's mother came to the hearings showing family support for her son.

"The only thing that's kept me optimistic is the lawyers saying he will get to come home soon."

Gail Grinnell says the past 15 years have been pretty hard for her family but she remains hopeful.

"I'm just really hopeful that this hearing will get Jason home."

Other supporters were donning t-shirts and holding signs urging Judge David Burnett to step aside.

Brent Peterson represents the Little Rock group Arkansas Take Action.

"It makes no sense that Judge Burnett is still on this case. There is no chance we're gonna get a fair hearing and then a trial from him."

Peterson says a higher authority needs to step in.

"If the Supreme Court were in session right now I guarantee you they would be telling him to recuse himself from this trial. It is a total abuse of power."

For the past several years support for the West Memphis Three has grown. Reaching across international boundaries and across oceans.

Stuart Faulks is from Jervis Bay, Austrailia, he learned about the West Memphis Three from HBO documentaries.

At first he thought the guilty verdict was right.

Faulks, "I will be honest I thought the 3 boys were guilty . Back in 2007 after speaking with Mike Byers who shared some information with me. I had to rethink my position and I'm now here to support the West Memphis Three."

Faulks says there are a few people he knows who think the men are guilty and need to be in prison but admits there is a groundswell of support in Austrailia for them to be released.

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