4 million dollars on it's way to ASU Jonesboro

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -  "It was on a one page short form that said give us what you would spend it on if you had one million, two million, three million, four million, five million," said Dr. Potts.

In turn, ASU Jonesboro Chancellor Dr. Robert Potts says the school will receive 4 million dollars for upgrades, renovations, and other changes on the campus.  It's part of 42 and a half million stimulus dollars Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe will distribute to higher education institutions across the state.

"Your request was considered more favorably if it was something that could be done quickly, and secondly it would increase energy efficiency," said Dr. Potts.

More than a million and a half dollars will be spent on making some areas on campus more energy efficient.  Those areas include Arkansas and University Halls.  Officials say both will be getting energy efficient upgrades.

The majority of the money will go toward renovations and upgrades to some of the school's labs, including engineering labs, organic chemistry labs, and biology labs.

"We need our labs to be state of the art.   This will bring those labs up to state of the art," said Dr. Potts.

Dr. Potts says at Arkansas State, this stimulus money will do exactly what it is intended to do. Helping the campus become more energy efficient, but also those upgrades and renovations mean more jobs in the construction sector as well.  A boost to ASU and the economy.

"It's going into things that will last and  produce benefits to our campus for many years to come,"said Potts.

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