23 vehicle break-ins in Paragould lead to the arrest of 2 men

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Paragould, AR (KAIT) -  2 nights, 23 vehicle break-ins, and Paragould Police say two men are responsible.   Casey Allen Hooks and Brian Scott McQuay are in police custody facing a long list of felony charges.

"They're opening the doors, they're dumping anything they can get their hands on in a bag and they take off to the next car," said Snyder.

Paragould Police Department Detective Scott Snyder says the first 14 of 23 happened late last Saturday.  The rest happened on Tuesday.  Police say it was a tip from a witness that led to their arrests on Wednesday.

"When the deputy and the officers made contact they actually found property that had been taken.   It was laying there in the living room floor.   It was there in plain view," said Snyder.

Detective Snyder says they recovered guns, steroes, phones and much more.  Snyder says he believes these men were looking to either find money or make some money by selling things they found.  Snyder  says the pair didn't know the area, but he also says that doesn't matter.

"We're seeing these in the most affluent areas of town and we're seeing these in the most economically deprived areas of town.   It doesn't matter,  a thief's going to go where he can find something to take, period," said Snyder.

Snyder says 23 vehicle break-ins is not terribly uncommon over the span of a couple of nights. He says in the summer, police see a spike in  crimes like this--and this summer he says it's been virtually constant.  Snyder says as long as the criminals are out there, Paragould officers are too.

"We know for sure we've got other crews working a separate neighborhood--and we'll get them too eventually," said Snyder.

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