Bat House Workshop

Jonesboro (KAIT)-- Families came together to make homes for the most unlikely of creatures---bats!!

At Crowley's Ridge State Park, all ages enjoyed constructing homes for their flying friends.

Park Interpreter, Heather Runyan, began the workshop by correcting some common misconceptions about bats. Runyan claims that, despite popular belief, raccoons are actually the number one carrier of rabies--not bats.  She does add, however, that bats are the leading culprit for rabies deaths in Arkansas, simply because people underestimate their tiny bite.

Provided the proper supplies, 15 people constructed thirteen new homes for the misunderstood mammals.  The type of bat houses made today were the single chamber type.

In the next few weeks, Crowley's Ridge will have ghourd workshop and a basket-weaving workshop.

Rebecca Lane