4 shot in West Memphis, police suspect connection

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (KAIT) Detectives worked into early Sunday hours to investigate a shooting that ended with three people wounded in a wrecked car in West Memphis.

Investigators now know that the shooting began at Redding and Jackson in the city.

Police believe the shooters continued to follow the victims through town firing at them. The victim's car ended up wrecked at South Loop and South 8th street at 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Police say the shooting may be connected to another happening four hours earlier.

A 17 year old was shot on Mimosa about a half mile away during a fight. That teen is believed to be the younger brother of one of the victims found in the wrecked car.

No word on the four victims' conditions as of this writing. Region 8 News is told all four victims are alive.

No arrests were been made in either shooting as of Sunday evening.

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