Greene County residents fed up with roads

By Rebecca Lane - bio | email

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - One man's loss inspired him to speak up.

Joe Francis of JD Farms in Marmaduke, lost his wife lost his wife to cancerjust last week on August 10.  She was buried last Saturday.

"There wasn't a dry eye," Francis says about her funeral, "you could talk to her for five minutes and fall in love with her."

Francis and his wife were married for seventeen years.  They have traveled all across the nation together.  However, her last few months were filled with pain just in the drive to church because of the poor road conditions.

Francis claims he has called Judge Jesse Dollars many times about the roads, but no action is taken.

"The only reason I'm saying something now is because I've been brushed off."

Francis' concerns are shared by many in Greene County, and Judge Jesse Dollars is aware of them.

"We are working as hard as we can, as fast as we can," he claims, "it's just a matter of addressing  the areas that are the worst."

Judge Dollars claims the road crews work all day, sometimes over time, to work on the roads.  He encourages anyone to call with their concerns and he will look into it immediately.

There are also many factors Judge Dollars says people need to take into account.  Like many, personnel  is maxed out.  It would be a matter of moving workers around  to address the different issues and that would take away precious time.  As far as the mowing concerns, there are only two full-time mowers taking care of nine-hundred roads.

Tonight, the quorum court will meet to discuss the roads among other issues.

Judge Dollars believes the roads are almost back to where they need to be, and the areas that aren't, will be soon.

For Francis, it is still not soon enough.

"Judge, do your job.  Just get it done."

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