Bono gets new tornado sirens

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Bono, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro recently installed dozens of new tornado sirens, but the old ones, many of which still work are not going to waste.  The city has offered the old sirens to area communities and one of those is Bono.

David Moore, Office of Emergency Management Coordinator for Craighead County said the sirens will make a great addition to communities that have fewer sirens.

Moore said, "If they want to improve their coverage within their cities and local areas they could. I believe to date most of the towns have taken part in that and have been able to increase their technology."

Billy Stephens, mayor of Bono said they currently have one siren. But they bought four from Jonesboro.  Stephens said they have a plan of where to put the sirens.

Stephens said, "We're going to set one out here beside city hall, we're going to set one down at the shop by Leah Station, we're going to set another down on Oak Street and that's the three."

Stephens said they are going to reserve the fourth one if they annex the by-pass.  Now that the city has a total of four sirens, this will help provide better coverage to the residents of Bono.

Stephens said, "I think they'll be able to hear these with the way we are going to distribute them around. I think they will be able to hear them well."

The city of Bono is getting much needed help with the installation process. Craighead Electric will be setting the poles in the ground. But David Moore said there is one thing to remember.

Moore said, "I don't care how big a siren you got or how good it is, it's outdoor warning. If you're out in your yard that's what it's there for to let you know when you're outside and not around the T.V. where you can listen to channel 8 or a radio or something like that."

According to Mayor Stephens a date has not been set to install the new sirens. He said Craighead Electric will work on the project when they have some spare time.

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