Avoiding traffic troubles on the first day of school

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- While the streets in front of the Valley View School District are quiet  now....

"We have a 100 acre campus and there will be literally hundreds of cars in this one little area," said Valley View Superintendent, Dr. Radius Baker.

Wednesday morning quiet streets around much of Region 8 will be bustling with back-to-school traffic.

"We have people stationed at every corner, to allow the easiest, the best, and the quickest flow of traffic we could possibly do," said Dr. Baker.

Baker says one way they're doing that is separating high school, junior high and elementary traffic and making plenty of people available to answer questions.  He adds, drivers must be patient, and the earlier you can get to school the better.

"That way they will miss a lot of the traffic.   It will be easier on us, on them, and the kids," said Dr. Baker.

"This is not the day you want to be in a hurry to go anywhere," said Sergeant Steve McDaniel.

McDaniel says there will be heightened police presence around many area schools making sure drivers are doing what they're supposed to--especially in those school zones.

"They're going to be looking for people who are going the wrong way on a designated street, they're going to be looking for speeders especially, they're going to be looking for people who aren't paying attention--maybe running stop signs.

Those stop signs include the ones on a school bus.

"If the school bus stops and is loading or unloading children, the red flashing lights come on, many have the stop signs that come out--traffic has to stop from every direction, anyone around the school bus has to stop," said McDaniel.

Dr. Baker says patience, getting there a bit early, and paying attention to the roads will help everyone achieve their top goal of getting all the kids to the classroom as safely as possible.

"If they get in a hurry then we're going to call their hand as far as not being safe, because we want a safe environment in this area," said Dr. Baker.

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