Tropics started slow

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - It's taken a while, but the hurricane season is finally here and the first hurricane of the year is a big one.

Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan said, "The tropics, boy they got cranked up real fast.  We had Ana, we had Claudette, we've got Bill and you know in a matter of just a handful of days we've got three named storms."

Out of the three, Bill is the only one to reach hurricane strength. Currently Bill is out in the Atlantic, but Vaughan said not to let your guard down.

Vaughan said, "The fun thing about forecasting the tropics is as soon as you think you know exactly what that storm is going to do, it changes."

Hurricane Bill looks to stay away from the United States, but as always it bares watching.

Vaughan said, "Right now we're thinking that Bill is going to re-curve and go back out to sea. Mainly due in part to that big trough that's going to bring us a very nice weekend actually. But we can't let our guard down."

One thing that doesn't change is that tropical systems thrive off warm ocean waters. When they come on land they immediately begin to weaken. However Region 8 can still feel the effects.

Vaughan said, "They can bring a large amount of rain, they can bring wind, they can bring isolated tornadoes. So that's why we track the tropics also."

We have made it very easy for you to track the tropics with our hurricane tracker right here on on our weather page. You can get the latest hurricane track, satellite imagery, zoom in and many other great features.

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