Fall camp continues for Red Wolves

JONESBORO (8/19/09) - While the Arkansas State football team took a break from its practice schedule Wednesday morning to take a trip to the Jonesboro Country Club swimming pool, the Red Wolves quickly went back to work this afternoon with meetings that preceded an evening workout inside ASU Stadium.

"We wanted to give them a break, surprise them a little bit and give them an opportunity to have a little fun," said ASU head coach Steve Roberts about the swimming trip.  "We want this game to be as fun as possible for them and it's very difficult at this juncture in fall camp.  We are hitting the wall and we have to prove that we are mentally tough enough to fight through it, but they have worked extremely hard and needed the break.  I think it will help us in the long run."

"Different teams hit that wall at different times during fall camp, but everyone hits it," added Roberts.  "You get tired of going against the same people over and over.   It's a constant mental battle to learn what is going in that day and to do that correctly when you get out here.   Physically it's tough - everything about it is tough, and it is supposed to be that way."

The Red Wolves spent their evening practice working out in shorts and shoulder pads. The practice included three different segments of team drills, focusing on 3rd-and-long, the running game and play-action.

"Today's workout was not bad," continued Roberts.  "We had to start over a couple of times, but we finished strong.  I thought our effort was good and I think we are still getting better."

Roberts and a number of the football players will start their Thursday schedule with stops at several area businesses to deliver orange juice and doughnuts and thank them for their support of the Red Wolves. Thursday's practice will begin at 5:45 p.m. and is set to include a full-contact scrimmage.

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