Mosquito control

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - In Region 8 we have our fair share of mosquitoes. One reason are the rice fields, but this year we have had more rain and that has added fuel to the fire.

There is some good news when it comes to these pests. If you've been in a store lately you've noticed the wide variety of products on the market to help control mosquitoes.  They range from body sprays to machines that attract mosquitoes then kill them.

Stephan Tompos is a manager at Home Depot. He said he's seen a change in what people are buying.

"My customers are moving away from spraying the body as they used to, to using more of the other products that you spray around you."

Some of those are sprays that can be use around your home as well.

Tompos said, "This comes out and dilutes into the hose water.  you can spray on vegetation, under the leaves, on top, around the ground where the mosquitoes would be hiding during the heat of the day. It does work instantly."

Jonesboro resident Shirley Duggleby agrees.

Duggleby said, "We do like to spray our house too so they don't come in because it's terrible to sleep when you have mosquitoes flying around."

There's even a new product on the market this year that you can carry around with you on your belt loop.  It has a fan that continuously puts off repellent for up to twelve hours.

Of course, you can always go the low-tech route and just wear long sleeves and swat at the pesky pests.

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