UPDATED: Jonesboro Police report home intruder dead


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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department is investigating a fatal home invasion case that happened Friday night. According to Detective Chad Hogard, witnesses said a resident inside apartment "A" of the Villa Apartment Complex used a tire iron to hit the intruder in the head. Witnesses told police the subject was carrying a shotgun when he entered the residence.

"Last night we were called out to the apartments out on Calion Street in response to a home invasion. That's what we were told. We got there; witnesses stated the subject came into an apartment armed with a shotgun. The people that lived there fought the subject off and, at that point, we were told they hit the subject in the head with a tire iron or some kind of tool. The subject later deceased and was pronounced dead at the hospital," said Hogard.

Hogard told Region 8 News Saturday he's unsure if any charges will be filed against the resident. The investigation remains ongoing.

"We are under the understanding that a round was fired inside the apartment. We believe the gun was fired during the exchange of the battle inside the apartment," said Hogard.

The blast from the shotgun did not hit anyone, according to Hogard. Region 8 News spoke with several neighbors Saturday morning. All of the witnesses interviewed said they did not hear any gun shots. They knew something was wrong when police surrounded the complex.

Police said the incident happened at 11 o'clock. After the scuffle, police said the intruder was taken to St. Bernard's Medical Center.

"At this point it's still under investigation. We still got a lot of leads to run down, a lot of people to reinterview to get the facts," said Hogard.

Police said they have recovered the tire iron and shotgun from the crime scene. All evidence collected will be taken to the Arkansas State Crime Lab in Little Rock for further examination.

Police said the intruder was in his late 20's and from West Helena, but staying with relatives in Jonesboro.

"We just got 2 different parties saying what took place and each side has a different story on what happened, who had what," said Hogard.

Police said they will continue the investigation Monday morning, when they will interview witnesses once again. Names of all parties involved are being held until the investigation is complete.

When asked if the resident inside the apartment complex could be faced with justifiable homicide, police said that may be an option, but it's too early in the investigation.

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