AGFC news now can be found on Facebook and Twitter

LITTLE ROCK, AR (AGFC) - Information about the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and its many programs, news, meetings, season information and much more can now be found on Facebook and Twitter. The social media networking project is designed to promote public participation and expand the AGFC's ability to share information with social media users.

According to the AGFC's Webmaster Angela Sanchez, these social media networking sites have given the agency another venue to relay important messages, such as hunting season dates and educational programs, to the public interested in the outdoors. "Through this new strategy, we look forward to expanding our efforts to include even more personalized and interactive means of reaching as much of the public as possible," Sanchez said.

Sanchez said that the interactivity and personalization associated with social media networking will bring AGFC communications to a new level. "We already have over 500 fans on Facebook that share a love of hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation," she explained.

One of the main reasons for jumping on the social media bandwagon is to stay in touch with young people, according to AGFC Chief of Communications Nancy Ledbetter. "One of the best ways to reach kids is through social media sites like Facebook. We will use social media, in conjunction with our Web site, so we can educate kids about the state's natural resources," Ledbetter said.

Getting connected is simple.


AGFC now has an official Facebook page. Go to and become a fan to receive news and updates.


AGFC is also on Twitter. Go to and follow us to receive our tweets. You can even have them sent to your cell phone so you can get AGFC news, even out in the field.