The start of fall classes at ASU means big business for local retailers

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Munchys Specialty Sandwiches has been a staple on Caraway Road  for 35 years.  Tom Fielder has owned it for 19.  He says the secret to his success, in part, sits just blocks away.

"There's no doubt that what ASU brings is good for my business, but certainly you could say that for the entire City of Jonesboro," said Fielder.

Fielder says in June and July business slows, but in mid to late August when the students return, their dollars do too.

"We will go hard until May....the end of May," said Fielder.

"This Saturday I expect the new crowd to be coming through," said Hoppy Hoffman.

At the Design Shoppe, Owner Hoppy Hoffman says they spend many of their spring and summer days gearing up for fall and football.

Hoffman says the days leading up to ASU's first home game also means a spike in business.

"About 2 to 3 days before the first home game then it explodes and of course that Saturday, the first home game it's really, really busy," said Hoffman.

"These are the gravy weeks really," said Brian White.

At Wolf Book Store,  Brian White says the difference between summer business and fall business is the difference between night and day.

He says they use the slow days to prepare for the months ahead.

August, September, January and February those are the four months out of the year when we do the bulk of our business and that truly does carry us through the rest of the year," said White.

Although temporary, White says they will increase employees to get them through these first couple of weeks.

Munchys owner Tom Fielder says he also plans to add to his staff...anticipating a boom in business that he hopes continues.

"I'm hoping that we have weathered the economy, and now it's going to be uphill as school begins and we move into the holidays," said Fielder.

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