Police remind motorists of the importance of seatbelts

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -  "Statistics show that the use of a seatbelt saves lives," said Arkansas State Police Troop C Commander, Captain Tommy Wicker.

Wicker says he believes it's because of that the primary seatbelt law was passed by legislators.

With a goal of getting people to buckle up and at the same time realizing why it's so important.

"That's why the emphasis was place on primary seatbelt laws and that's why so many other states have had the laws for so many other years.>

"We've written and issued 372 citations for either seatbelt violations or child restraint seats," said Lieutenant Tony Williams.

"Of those 372 Lt. Williams says about 320 are for seatbelt violations. It's a strong message of no tolerance for no seatbelt.

"I've definitely seen people sustain injuries that could have been avoided if they would have had a seatbelt on," said Lt. Williams.

Williams says it's not about writing tickets or even warnings--he says it's  about making people aware.

Captain Tommy Wicker says many accidents stem from people simply not paying attention.  He says the situation is made that much worse when an injury or even death occurs when it could have been prevented by buckling up.

"States that have primary seat belt laws and drivers and passengers who wear seatbelts are less likely to get seriously injured or killed in an accident," said Wicker.

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