Some businesses hoping to get license to sell lottery tickets

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Paragould, AR (KAIT) - At Holiday Liquor Store in Paragould, store manager Lynn Mayberry says customers ask nearly every day about the status of lottery ticket sales at the store.

"They're just as ready for it as we are," said Mayberry.

Holiday Liquor Store is just one of  more than 1,100  Arkansas locations seeking a license to sell lottery tickets.   She says they sent their paperwork in nearly two weeks ago, and lottery representatives have been in contact with the store's owners.

"They were just asking us if we got our papers and if we got them filled out and sent back to them, and as soon as we get them we'll find out exactly when it's going to be in the store," said Mayberry.

While nothing is certain as of now, Mayberry says she's confident they'll get the go-ahead to sell lottery tickets--which she says may be sold in just over a month.  She says she's confident getting to sell lottery tickets will keep Arkansans' dollars in Arkansas--where, she says, they belong.

"A lot of them say if we get the lottery here, which I know we're going to, they'll start buying it here instead of going to Missouri," said Mayberry.

Mayberry says in addition to boosting the state's economy, she believes lottery ticket sales will be a boost to this business as well.   If they are licensed to sell--she says it won't take long to see the numbers climb.

"I believe as soon as everybody finds out that we have  the lotto, they'll be here," said Mayberry.

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