Craighead County Still Cleaning Up After December Ice Storms

January 27, 2003
Posted at: 7:28 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- The effects of the December ice storm that hit Region 8 are still visible in many parts of the area. The reminders of the storm are still around. Piles of tree limbs can still be seen in many areas. According to officials, however, progress is being made to clean up the damage.

While cleanup from the ice storm is a slow process, Craighead County is almost complete, according to county emergency management coordinator Jack Richardson.

"The city of Jonesboro is about at 50 percent," Richardson said. "They've hauled quite a bit of material off they've still got quite a bit to do even yet."

That statistic provides little relief to frustrated taxpayers, especially those who have been looking at a mess in their yards since early December.

"It's really starting to look unsightly," resident Cheryl Bennett said. "I wish they could hurry up before another ice storm hits."

Richardson admits the street department is busy with street maintenance as well as cleaning up from the storm damage. He says, however, that residents shouldn't have to wait much longer for their property to be cleaned up. Of course, that's a matter of what "much longer," is defined as.

"(We're) probably looking at four to six weeks and they should have most of the county roads cleared," Richardson said.

The first to be cleaned up after the ice storm were the cities hardest hit by the severe winter weather: Bono, Brookland, and Bay. Naturally, those on top of the cleanup list look at things differently. Junior Ross, a Bay resident, said the county cleanup crews performed their work "very well."

"They cleaned up and done me a good job," Ross said.

On Thursday, the Jonesboro City Council's Street Committee will address the city's clean-up efforts.

"Just be patient and they'll get it off the street just as quick as they can get it off there," Richardson said.

Internet Reporter: Brandi Hodges
Internet Producer: Ryan James