Ex-Mayor May Regain Post in Hoxie

January 27, 2003
Posted at: 9:40 p.m. CDT

HOXIE, Ark. -- A source close to Hoxie Mayor Jeff Brady told K8 News on Thursday that Brady will agree to a court order that will nullify absentee ballots cast in a runoff election between Brady and former mayor Paul Hendrix.

Brady defeated Hendrix by a single vote in the November 26 runoff, 338-337. Initially, Brady won the runoff by a three-vote margin, but a recount set the final total. With the removal of the absentee votes, Hendrix would be the winner.

In the order, Brady will stipulate that there were problems with the absentee ballots and that they are void. The source told KAIT that Brady decided to agree to the order because he did not want to fight the case in court.

The new results will have to be certified by the state election commission.

Hendrix supporters challenged absentee ballots after a December 2 hand recount that showed Brady as the winner. On December 12, Lawrence County Clerk Billie Gail Dunlap provided copies of voter statements and absentee ballot applications to both Hendrix and Brady supporters. The Hendrix camp had questioned the applications obtained by Brady's campaign.