Two boys arrested on "sexting" charges

By Christopher Francis - email

TUCSON (KOLD) - Two teenage boys face charges in a so-called "sexting" case.  Police say a 13-year old girl sent a nude photo of herself from her cell phone to a friend's phone.  They say the friend shared the picture with other boys at school.

Officers arrested the two boys, and police say they're trying to teach them a lesson about sending nude pictures.

"For one, it's stuck in cyberspace and it will never be eliminated," says Sgt. Diana Lopez of Tucson Police.  "For two, for those who receive it and forward it to others, you're humiliating the person who sent the photo."

The boys face misdemeanor charges of intimidation and harassment through the use of a telephone.

Lopez says the boys could've faced harsher charges if the crime had happened in other states which are starting to crack down on sexting.   Police are urging parents to check their children's cell phones and set limitations on how they're used.

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