Hoxie Gets a New Boss... Same as the Old Boss

January 28, 2003
Posted at: 4:00 p.m. CDT

HOXIE, Ark. -- After less than one month on the job, the city of Hoxie has a new mayor. Actually, a new, old mayor.

Hoxie Mayor Jeff Brady agreed to a court order Tuesday that nullified some 224 absentee ballots cast in the November 26 runoff election between himself and incumbent Paul Hendrix. With the action, Hendrix was certified by the Lawrence County Election Commission as the winner of the race.

Hendrix was sworn in for a second term as Mayor on Tuesday.

In the runoff, Brady won the race by a three vote total. A hand recount on December 2 gave Brady a 338-337 win. On December 12, both parties challeneged the legality of the absentee ballots.

In the agreement, both Brady and Hendrix stipulate that the absentee ballots cast in the runoff were "illegal, and not in strict compliance with the law," and that the votes "should not have been counted.

With the nullification, Hendrix defeated Brady in the race by a margin of 253-198.

A source close to Brady told KAIT Monday night that Brady decided to agree to the order because he did not want to fight the case in court.