Teleflora Announces Downsizing

January 28, 2003
Posted at: 5:42 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD, Ark. -- Pointing to the current sagging economic conditions, Teleflora Technologies in Paragould downsized a "significant number" of Region 8 employees.

The news comes just about three months after the company announced expansion plans. Vice president David Sluder confirmed for K8 News Tuesday afternoon that his company did release several employees, but declined to discuss specific numbers.

Explaining that Teleflora is currently going through a nationwide restructuring phase. Sluder cited what he called a, "nose-dive in the retail florist business in the past quarter."

In October, Teleflora announced plans to add approximately 50 new employees to its workforce, but Sluder says those plans have been put on the shelf for now. Meanwhile, an on-going expansion project due for completion in march will be finished.

Teleflora operates a wire service network of nationwide florists. The company also operates similar facilities in Los Angeles and Oklahoma City.