New NRCS Program for Ag Producers

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CARAWAY, ARKANSAS (KAIT) -Whether it's corn and soybeans or trees and fish--

if you're a farmer who practices good conservation techniques you could be in for a windfall!

The old NRCS Conservation Security Program is out and the new Conservation Stewardship Program is in and looking for good users of the land.

"The advantage farmers can take is that it will help get some money for them to take on some new practices to make them a little more efficient and will also help reward them for the practices they are already performing."

Brandon Finch farms with his family near Caraway.

FDA farms has always practiced good land stewardship.

Finch says the old program was great but this new one will be rewarding and motivating.

"Not only will we reward you for what you are doing but we're gonna make you, push you to do one more thing."

Reed Cripps the Area Administrator for the Natural Resources Conservation Service says what you pledge to do could be fairly simple.

"As simple as recycling your oil. You could do things to improve irrigation efficiency."

Finch, "Any step that a farmer takes to be a little bit better in business and leaning toward conservation. there's probably an enhancement to match it."

And even though you may not grow row crops. There are opportunities for you in this program."

Cripps, "It's crop land, pasture land, water and inside of that it takes into consideration, air, soil, water, drainage,erosion."

Since this is a nationwide program some states may differ in enhancements.

For signing a 5 year contract you may be eligible for up to 22 dollars an acre.

Cripps, "To be eligible you have to promise to and be able to verify that you are implementing conservation practices and that you will implement a new conservation practice to your farm within the next 5 years."

Finch says the most difficult part may be filling out the paperwork but anything to help a farmer's business is great.

Finch, "They are trying to get some money out there to say take a little time and consideration for the environment and we'll help you do it."

The registration period ends at the last of September, you can click on the link I have attached to this story.

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