Tuckerman High School Offers 2 Different Programs

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TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) -Not every high school student wants or will be able to attend college.

Some will go right out into the world of work.

The Tuckerman High School has two vocational programs that help give these kids a leg up.

Two very different classes with one goal in mind.

"We need to provide them with the skills that they need in order to be successful once they leave here."

High School Principal David Rutledge says these programs draw a lot of kids that are looking for something different.

The two vocational programs are Medical Professions and Law Enforcement.

Medical is taught by Caramia Daniels who at one time was the school nurse.

She also worked in a doctors office for 10 years. She kinda misses that.

"I do miss patient contact but I love interacting with the students."

Amanda McGhee is a senior, she says you finish the class with real experience.

"She teaches us a lot of hands on. She always lets us do everything that she does.So you actually can find out if you are gonna like it if you want to or not. "

In the Law Enforcement Program you can learn how to  handcuff and other things you need to know to be a police officer.

This program is taught by the Student Resource Officer,  Angie McGee.

A deputy with the Jackson County Sheriffs Office her duties have always included classroom instruction. In most schools the SRO is seen more than heard.

"But some schools are taking it one step further and actually having those SRO's in the classroom where they're more so there as a teacher and then they are on standby if need be to help with discipline issues."

After she finished amazing me with her prowness with handcuffs. I asked Sophomore Blyss Russell what she was going to do with what she learns here.

"I want to help people, I want to make an impression on people. I take everything she says. I probably learn more in here than I do in any other class. Because it's interesting."

Both programs are immensely popular, and there are waiting lists for second semester openings.

No matter if these kids want to be dentists. Or have a career in law enforcement. These programs are keeping kids interested in school

And that's a great thing..

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