Fake nurse examines students at Marion high school

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - A Region 8 high school is trying to determine how a fake nurse was allowed to examine more than 90 students.

It's not unusual for a high school to have a nurse, but a woman at Marion High School wasn't following doctor's orders.  Students there tell Action News 5 they were given physicals by someone who wasn't supposed to be in their school.

"We were told that the physicals were performed at our school were fake, and the lady that did the physicals she wasn't exactly a nurse, and that we had to retake physicals," one student said.

Action News 5 is not identifying the woman because she hasn't been charged.  But law enforcement investigators confirm that a woman posing as a qualified nurse was allowed into the school and proceeded to exam dozens of students.

A Crittenden County Sheriff's office spokesperson said the case was turned over to state police because the woman in question used to work at the sheriff's office as a part time bookkeeper.

Students want to know no one bothered to check her credentials.

"I think they're kind of slacking on their job because they let her in there," one student said.

School administrators couldn't give an explanation because it's a pending legal matter.  Superintendent Don Johnston could only say the district is taking the appropriate actions.

Meanwhile, students said they rely on the grown-ups at school to protect them and to know the difference between a fake and the real thing.

"It's just very freaky," one student said.

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