Bootleg bust in Jonesboro

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Jonesboro Police say it was a confidential informant that led the department's PROWL unit to 1101 Hope Street, and the alcohol that police say was being sold inside.

"When we executed the search warrant, we recovered 553 beers and we recovered 62 bottles of liquor," said Jonesboro Police Department PROWL Unit member, Jason Chester.

Police arrested Alex Walker and Dawn Thompson at the home.  Chester says the cans of beer usually go for about $1.25 a can, and the bottles of liquor are usually sold for between 5 and six dollars a piece.

"This was nothing but profit for them," said Chester.

Police say this is not the first time they've been to Hope Street and arrested people for illegally selling alcohol.  As for the amount found at 1101 Hope Street on Wednesday, Chester says the numbers are about the same as in previous cases.

"They stock up big for weekends, or for the holiday weekends.   They'll usually go out and buy extra," said Chester.

Police say while it may be common knowledge to some residents that it goes on, police say they are just as aware of it too.

"We know there are bootleggers here in Jonesboro, we know where most of them are, and eventually we'll be coming to their house next," said Chester.

Police say both people arrested are facing misdemeanor charges.

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